6th International Conference on Writing Analytics

2018-01-29 11:18:56

We are excited to announce the upcoming conference, the 6th International Conference on Writing Analytics: May 23-25 in Malmö, Sweden.

We welcome theorists and researchers from Writing Studies, Corpus and Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Intercultural Rhetoric. Join us to explore the emergence of writing analytics and data mining as a primary concern for academics, and as a method to develop teaching and learning practices. For more information about the conference and the CFP, please visit: http://toolsforwriters.com/

In addition, The Journal of Writing Analytics will be publishing select proceedings from the conference. The journal also invites original manuscripts reporting research at the intersection of educational measurement, massive data analysis, digital learning ecologies, and philosophical ethics. Please see the journal's website for more information.

Access the proceedings from the 5th International Conference on Writing Analytics, which we hosted a few weeks ago at St. Pete Beach, Florida.

We hope to see you in Malmö, Sweden, this May.