The 35th International Conference of the Spanish Association for Applied Linguistics (AESLA)

2017-03-13 11:22:25

The 35th International Conference of the Spanish Association for Applied Linguistics "Languages at the crossroads: training, accreditation and context of use", organized by Universidad de Jaen,will be held in JAéN (SPAIN) 4th-6th MAY 2017.

Plenary speakers
•Michael Byram (University of Durham)
•Angela Chambers (University of Limerick)
•Salvador Gutiérrez Ordóñez (Universidad de León)
•Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy (Universidad de Murcia)
Ane Muñoz Varela (Instituto Cervantes, head of the academic office)

More than fifteen years after the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages was published (2001), which was in fact the year our university hosted the AESLA conference, there are still many questions that we language professionals ask ourselves on a daily basis. In these years, we have witnessed an incredible expansion in the number of methods, suggestions and approaches that, directly or indirectly, originated in a document which has been a real milestone in our profession, the beautiful task of describing, analyzing and teaching a language. If having an adequate training in a language is an essential aspect for human communication, we have also seen how this connects to the introduction of diverse proposals for the accreditation of levels of competence in a foreign language. And, of course, we cannot overlook the importance of the context of use surrounding communication, as a reflection of a changing and multifarious reality. The starting point of our proposal, then, is to stop and think about the crossroads in which we find languages currently, as a result of human beings’ needs for communication and of their interest to show at what stage of training in a language they are.

Traditionally, Jaén has been defined as the “Gate to Andalusia”. As part of Andalusia, it is an integral component of the centuries-old cultural lore that we are familiar with, well beyond stereotypes. As a town that you can live and enjoy, the capital of the province projects a feeling of serenity and closeness to visitors, something that we tend to miss in modern life, with all its hustle and bustle. The university campus of Las Lagunillas is placed in the north part of the town, and it has modern and fully accessible facilities, in an area surrounded by nature and harmony, which is, once again, one of the distinctive features of a province with one of the greatest number of natural parks in Europe. We would be delighted if you could take part in an event in which the organizing committee is going to do everything in our hands to make of it an unforgettable academic and living experience.

Contact details
Phone number: +34 953211829
Jesús M. Nieto García Campus de las Lagunillas edificio D2 23071 JAéN

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