AILA 2020 Congress Call For Papers

2020-07-26 16:13:04

Final deadline: September 16, 2019

You can search for a specific symposium by title, keyword or organizer in the list of all symposia.

Once you know to which symposium want submit, press the button "submit your paper here".

Author(s) and affiliation(s)
Title: max. 20 Words
Abstract: max. 300 Words
Summary for in program: max. 50 Words
Type of presentation (there are 3 types allowed):

Featured multimodal presentations-BY INVITATION ONLY
30 minutes or so of a ppt presentation, 10 minutes for discussion.These will take place place at the beginning of each half-day slot and will set the tone for the symposium. You must have been explicitly invited by the symposium organiser(s) to submit to this format.

Standard multimodal presentations
What we are most used to seeing at conferences: 12-20 minute presentations with a ppt.The exact amount of time for each of these presentations is up to the symposium organizers organizers and anddepends on the number of abstracts accepted.

Focused multimodal presentations
The most innovative presentations at AILA 2020! In pitches of 2-5 minutes, speakers advertise the presentations that take place over lunch in the dedicated focused presentation space where the symposia attendants meet. All the focused multimodal presentations include a poster.

Presenters will be notified by November 18th. If accepted, the following wording used no matter whether it concerns a standard or focused multimodal presentation:

"Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted as a multimodal presentation at the AILA 2020 World Congress...".

Individuals may submit a maximum of one abstract as first author. This means that an individual can only appear once as first author on the program.

An individual may take on an additional role: as a symposium organizer and/or featured speaker.

An individual may also appear as a co-author/co-presenter of another paper, provided they are not first author.

All proposals must represent original and unpublished work that is not yet available to the AILA membership.

Proposals will be double-blind peer reviewed. Please ensure that any reference made to your previous work within the proposal does not include self-reference information that clearly identifies you or one of your co-authors.

Individuals who will not be attending the conference are discouraged from submitting proposals.

The author's confirmation of attendance and presentation signifies that the author will present the paper on the day and time assigned by the conference program committee. The AILA 2020 organizers will not respond to or consider requests for a specific time slot.